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Team Approach in Providing Palliative Care

Team Approach in Providing Palliative Care

The ideal palliative care utilizes a team approach. This strategy is considered a holistic approach because the different specializations and expertise of the hospice team members are working together to provide the top quality of care that the patient needs and deserves. As a provider of trusted hospice care in Burbank, California that is operated by health care professionals, here are the people that make up our team:

  • Physicians

    Our expert physicians can do home visits, health evaluations, and pain management for the patients. Moreover, they can educate the patients and their families about the illness so they would know what to expect. They are also the ones who prescribe the proper medication in cooperation with trusted pharmacies.

  • Nurses

    Our nurses are the front liners in providing the comfort that the terminally-ill patient needs. They can do vitals monitoring, wound care, and catheter care, among others.

  • Medical social workers

    Our social workers help the patients and their families by providing emotional support while they are all coping with the possibility of losing a loved one. They also offer grief counseling for the family members to ease the pain of loss.

  • Spiritual counselors

    Another important team member of our hospice in Burbank is our spiritual counselor. For terminally-ill patients who are religious, we can arrange for them to receive the sacrament services they need. Also, we can help the family in preparing the wake so they can have time to grieve and process their emotions.

For us at Mar Vista Hospice, our hospice team is the foundation of our quality, emphatic, and reliable hospice and palliative care in California. Our holistic approach aims to attain the goal of providing comfort to our patients and their families during such difficult times.

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