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Welcome to Mar Vista Hospice

Palliative Care in California

caregiver and senior womanLike the seasons that pass us by, our life is no different. We come to this world at one point, bring joy and leave memories for our loved ones – and then we pass away. Some of the reasons for the closing stages of life may be old age, illness or a chronic disease that could no longer be helped even by today’s advanced technologies in healthcare. When one of our loved ones comes to this point, we must seek ways to give them comfort and ease during their last stages. This is when Mar Vista Hospice hopes to provide you and your family with support during this most difficult time. We are a recognized provider of Hospice Care in Burbank, California and its neighboring communities.

We are a state licensed provider of Hospice Services which we can administer in the client’s private home, a hospice care facility or a care home for the elderly. Regardless the setting that the client chooses, our staff will still be able to render the utmost professional level of care that a hospice patient deserves.

Why is Mar Vista Hospice Different?

Our Hospice Services is privately-owned and operated by Hospice Care Professionals – Nurses, Physicians, Spiritual Counselors, Aides and Medical Social Workers. As a team, we work to give hospice patients a less painful end-of-life experience. We combine our expertise and experience so that we can give families the support they need through palliative care services.


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