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Taking Care of a Cancer Patient’s Emotional Health

Taking Care of a Cancer Patient’s Emotional Health

When taking care of a cancer patient, people usually focus on making the latter’s physical health better. And rightfully so, since it is not disputed that cancer patients experience physical weakness and some, if not most, are in constant physical pain. As a provider of quality palliative care in California, we advise that caregivers should also always consider the patient’s emotional health. Being diagnosed with cancer can surely affect their emotions and reactions. They can be irritated, angry, or impatient, among other things. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says that persons taking care of a cancer patient are in a special position to help the latter cope mentally and emotionally. Here are some ways of helping that the CDC recommends:

  • Be sensitive

    Always take into consideration the patient’s feelings. If they are comfortable, encourage them to talk about what and how they are feeling to you or a trusted loved one.

  • Find resources

    Make it your duty to find available and accessible psychologists, social workers, or hospice in Burbank. This is to provide them with the mental health, social, or even spiritual support services that address their needs.

  • Encourage them to be physically active

    Engaging in regular physical activity has been linked to reducing the risk of having depression. But of course, the exercise regime should be approved by the patient’s doctor.

If you are looking for a trusted provider of hospice care in Burbank, California that believes that we should take care of a cancer patient’s physical and emotional health, consider giving Mar Vista Hospice a call or a visit.

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