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Spiritual Support in Hospice: Do You Need it?


The services we provide in our hospice care in Burbank, California include spiritual support. What is this all about? Why is this important?

Spiritual support aims to address a person’s spirituality. Because people have different concepts of the afterlife, they will need the kind of support that is in line with their personal belief. This support can help them find peace if ever the time comes for them to transition to the other side.

Moreover, spiritual support can also help address what we coin as spiritual distress. This distress occurs when the patient loses their faith and hope to something or someone they believe in. Spiritual distress can be detrimental to their condition, so they will need support to prevent this distress.

As a provider of hospice in Burbank, let us help you arrive at the question, “why?”—why would you need spiritual support?

This form of support is both for the patient and their loved ones. After all, when someone is diagnosed with a terminal condition, their loved ones are also affected. With that, consider the following benefits of getting spiritual support.

  • Comfort

    When you have heard of your loved one’s diagnosis, you must have been disturbed deep in your soul. You must even go through grief even when your loved one is still here. With the help of spiritual supporters, they can counsel you towards a meaningful acceptance of your loved one’s condition.

  • Freedom from Guilt/Regret

    Many family members often feel guilt or regret when their loved one is diagnosed with a terminal condition. They will recount the past shortcomings. They can feel worthless in the presence of their loved one. Spiritual counselors can help you arrive at an understanding that these are normal. They will help you see the importance of forgiveness and how to receive the same. This can set you free from the long-term effects of guilt and regret.

  • Hope

    As you receive spiritual support, you will also gain the hope of the afterlife. Spiritual counselors will give you a better perspective of what to see when your loved one passes on. This can give you the hope for their condition. When you are filled with hope, you can also live and speak of hope to your loved one.

  • Quality Life

    With the help of spiritual counselors, you can have a joy-filled perspective despite your loved one’s terminal condition. Because of this, you can focus more on creating wonderful and meaningful memories with your loved one.

Have these answered the question we posed above? We hope they did. At Mar Vista Hospice, we hope for nothing but your comfort and the quality life of your loved one in their terminal stage.

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