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How to Cope When Your Loved One Has a Terminal Illness

How to Cope When Your Loved One Has a Terminal Illness

Can you still remember your reaction when you first learned that your loved one has a terminal condition? It can feel like time itself froze. Would you agree? In the real sense of the word, the diagnosis of a terminal condition can feel like being handed a life sentence. As a provider of hospice care in Burbank, California, we have often heard these kinds of stories from the families of patients.

Indeed, the diagnosis of a terminal condition is devastating both to the patient and their loved ones. If you’re this loved one, how will you cope with this knowledge? We ask because the way you cope can affect the patient. Your strength and resilience may inspire them to pursue treatments. Your discouragement can pull them even lower.

With that, we would like to share some coping tips. We know these are not the be-all-end-all set. Yet, we hope you find something you can apply so that you can provide better support to your loved one receiving palliative care in California.

  • Understand what is Anticipatory Grief

    This is a kind of grief that people go through before even the actual loss occurred. Upon learning of our loved one’s terminal condition, we can be grieving so much as though they are already gone. This is normal. Let the anticipatory grief come. Yet, try your best to use these emotions to focus on making the most of your time together. Though you are grieving, focus on the good things you can still enjoy at the present. When you understand how you can use anticipatory grief, you can have quality moments with your terminally ill loved one.

  • Meet with Sympathetic Friends

    You will also need the help of friends who can sympathize with what you’re going through. When your loved one is in their terminal condition, you may find it difficult to talk to them when your emotions are high. This is where your friends come in. They can listen to you pour out your grief, fears, and worries.

  • Find a Support Group

    For families whose loved ones are in the terminal stage, you may need the understanding words of other people who are in the same shoes. Your friends can listen to you, yes. Yet, there is a different sense of comfort to know that you are fully understood. Find support groups for family members who have loved ones receiving hospice in Burbank.

  • Find Time to Say Goodbye

    We know this can be difficult to consider. Yet, it is important to do. You and your loved one should be able to confess your love, forgiveness, gratitude, and goodbye to each other. This can unburden you of guilt when the time of their passing finally comes.

At Mar Vista Hospice, we will be here to help your terminally ill loved one attain quality life. If you need our service, just contact us.

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