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Debunking Myths on Hospice Care

Debunking Myths on Hospice Care

With the quality and compassionate service we provide in our hospice in Burbank, we still face many apprehensions from people. Is hospice care really beneficial for their loved ones?

These myths of ideas about hospice care need to be corrected or else patients will miss out on the great advantages of receiving this care. If you are someone who is on this crossroad, then we hope this post can change your mind. If you feel undecided about supporting a loved one to get hospice care, then let this post enlighten you.

Here are the myths about hospice care that we have shed light upon.

  • Myth: Patients are required to get aggressive treatments

    Debunked: As we provide hospice care in Burbank, California, we adhere to the care plan set by the patient’s healthcare team. This plan includes the treatments they will be receiving. Some treatments can be aggressive. Yet, patients and their families need to know that the decision to receive medications is still theirs. Their physicians will discuss this matter with them. This way, if the patient feels unprepared about the treatment, their decision will be honored. Their healthcare team also gives them other treatment options so that they can still manage their symptoms.

  • Myth: Patients are required to choose between medications and palliative care

    Debunked: Our palliative care in California is consistent with the goals of this particular service. We help the patient alleviate their pain symptoms so that they can manage their disease. Regardless of the patient’s illness, there will be medications that can be painful for them. However, this does not mean that when a treatment is prescribed, they should no longer receive palliative care. Even if their treatment is ongoing and they will need help in pain management, palliative care will still be given to them.

  • Myth: Patients who choose hospice care are quitters

    Debunked: It doesn’t mean that hospice care services are for people who want to end their painful suffering. While it’s true that hospice care is only given when the patient is in their terminal condition, the goal is not to end life. Instead, the patient is choosing to experience better quality life because their last days are already inevitable. In this case, accepting hospice care is the bravest decision they can ever make at this point in their life.

Final thoughts:

These are the common misconceptions associated with hospice care. At Mar Vista Hospice, we are already familiar with all these apprehensions about our service. Yet, we continue to give this assistance because we know the truth. We know that hospice care is promoting quality life not only for the patients with a terminal condition but also for their families.

So if you know someone who wants to experience quality life even in their terminal condition, refer them to us. We can answer inquiries if you have any. Contact us for your questions.

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