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Category Archives: Palliative Care

Challenges of Transitioning to Palliative Care

It can be a big challenge for patients and their loved ones when they have to transition to palliative care in California. Family caregivers, especially, will feel physically and emotionally exhausted with the situation. However, you have to go on … Continue reading

Being Physically Comfortable in Their Last Days

Pain and discomfort are common experiences by people who are suffering from a terminal illness. This is why our palliative care in California focus also on pain management, as well as providing comfort care during the remaining days of your … Continue reading

Team Approach in Providing Palliative Care

The ideal palliative care utilizes a team approach. This strategy is considered a holistic approach because the different specializations and expertise of the hospice team members are working together to provide the top quality of care that the patient needs … Continue reading


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