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Challenges of Transitioning to Palliative Care

Challenges of Transitioning to Palliative Care

It can be a big challenge for patients and their loved ones when they have to transition to palliative care in California. Family caregivers, especially, will feel physically and emotionally exhausted with the situation. However, you have to go on because you know that the patient is the one who is in most pain right now.

Family caregivers will encounter several challenges when transitioning to hospice care in Burbank, California. Here are some of the challenges that you will face during this period:

  • Pain

    When you see someone you love in pain, you will want to share the pain for them too. Sometimes, you may come to think that if only you could bear the pain on their behalf. Instead of letting these thoughts bring you down, focus on helping them relieve the pain. Ask the doctor if there are pain-relieving medicines you can help personally administer to your loved one. Talk to palliative medical specialists about pain management to learn techniques to help seriously ill patients cope with chronic pain.

  • Fatigue

    Even the healthiest person can succumb to fatigue when they become a family caregiver, and they don’t manage themselves well. Always take care of your health while you are caring for your loved one’s health. If you need a break, don’t hesitate to ask for help. You won’t be able to take good care of your loved one receiving hospice in Burbank if you break down.

Family caregivers should care for themselves as much as they care for their seriously ill loved ones. Mar Vista Hospice can provide the right kind of hospice help you need. Just give us a call so we can lend you a hand.

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