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Providing Comfort in Their Last Days

Providing Comfort in Their Last Days

The aim of Mar Vista Hospice in providing palliative and hospice care in Burbank, California is to provide comfort to terminally ill patients. In the case of hospice care, it is usually sought for when the patient has already abandoned hope of further treatment, or the physician has already informed that there is no longer any treatment available for the case. This mostly happens in the late stages of illnesses such as cancer. In this later stage, the patient is under pain and is physically and emotionally weak. This is why providing comfort and constantly assisting them with their needs is important.

In our hospice in Burbank, we provide comfort not only by assisting the patients physically or medically, but we also understand that emotional support is an important aspect of hospice and palliative care. Thus, we offer counseling services for patients who need it. Moreover, for those who are religious or need spiritual support, we are also in coordination with ministers from religious communities.

Family members are also highly encouraged to take a part in ensuring that their terminally ill loved one is comfortable and at peace during such hard times. Constant visits, physical touch like holding the patient’s hand, and saying comforting words such as reminding them how much they are loved are ways of making the patient feel at ease.

As a trusted provider of hospice and palliative care in California, our services are focused on providing holistic services that address your loved one’s medical, emotional, and spiritual needs in their remaining days.

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