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Certain Qualities of a Good Hospice Nurse

Certain Qualities of a Good Hospice Nurse

Hospice and palliative care are crucial decisions that terminally ill patients and their families have to make. Being so, the right care program and hospice in Burbank have to be chosen carefully. Various factors that have to be considered, such as the affordability of the services, the reliability of the company, and the accessibility of the care facility. Another important factor is the qualifications and characteristics of the hospice nurses and other staff rendering the services.

If you are considering hospice care in Burbank, California, look for the following qualities of a good hospice nurse:

  • Qualified.

    A hospice nurse should have undergone the required training and is licensed to render hospice and palliative care in California. Medical knowledge is needed in executing medical procedures such as medication administration, IV infusion, and vital statistics monitoring.

  • Experienced.

    As they say, experience is the best teacher. Medical knowledge is further supplemented by experience in the field of hospice care. A hospice nurse should have both the training and experience in taking good care of terminally ill patients.

  • Professional.

    Providing hospice and palliative care is demanding work. It goes beyond performing medical procedures as the nurse also needs to assist the patients and make sure they are always comfortable. It is ideal to have a nurse who can remain professional even in challenging circumstances.

Mar Vista Hospice employs nurses who possess the mentioned qualities. They have undergone proper training and have acquired experience in the field to provide the best quality of care for your sick loved ones.

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