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The Aspects of Palliative and Hospice Care

The Aspects of Palliative and Hospice Care

Our hospice and palliative care in California uses a holistic approach in addressing the needs of your sick loved one. After all, the goal of making them feel comfortable does not only mean feeling better physically but also being at peace emotionally, mentally, and even spiritually. Our care services are specially created to meet the overall needs of your loved one. Here are the aspects of our care services:

  • Medical support

    Terminally-ill patients are usually suffering from chronic pain. Our hospice in Burbank offers nursing care and physician services to help your sick loved one manage their pain and other health complications. Our medical professionals can also help with medication administration and vital signs monitoring.

  • Emotional support

    Our staff provides emotional support not only for the patient but also for the family. We offer counsel to patients who need it. And for the family members, we provide grief counseling in the event of the death of the sick loved one. We will also help the family arrange the wake and funeral.

  • Spiritual support

    We also have a network of ministers for those who are religious or want to be in touch with their spirituality in their remaining days. Spiritual support can help the patient and their family accept the former’s difficult health situation.

As the trusted provider of palliative and hospice care in Burbank, CaliforniaMar Vista Hospice understands how fragile life can be. And in these trying times for your family, we only hope to be here to ease your burden.

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