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Importance of Spiritual Support to Palliative Patients

Importance of Spiritual Support to Palliative Patients

Not all palliative patients immediately come to accept their condition. It takes time for them to come to terms with the situation. To help them, as well as their family members, cope with what they are facing, it is essential to provide them with spiritual support.

While family members may be able to provide spiritual support to their loved ones receiving hospice care in Burbank, California, the one with the most experience on this matter is a chaplain or a spiritual care advisor. They can assess a patient’s spiritual needs, as well as help the patient explore the meaning and purpose of their life.

Through the spiritual care advisor’s support, a patient receiving palliative care in California can vent the frustration and anxiety that comes with knowing that their situation is challenging not only for them but for their family members. The spiritual care advisor will lend them an ear so that they can rest their thoughts afterward.

Of course, the spiritual care advisor will not only listen to their woes. They will also try to suggest options on how the patient can cope with their worries. Being able to find a solution to their worries can put them at ease, after all.

Another benefit of providing spiritual support to patients receiving hospice in Burbank is that they will feel that they are being honored and heard. This will bring a sense of confidence to them, which is what they need to go through their treatments.

Mar Vista Hospice pays attention to the overall well-being of our palliative patients. Be sure to talk to us if you or your palliative loved one need spiritual support.

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