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Redefining Transitions

Redefining Transitions

When the point comes where families have to decide on a big change in their lives, it is always best to hear out what family members have to say to meet on common ground.

There are times when decisions are not always what each and everyone wants, but it then develops into the calculated outcome of what is best or what is right for a certain situation.

When families are faced with the challenge of choosing a hospice care for their elderly loved ones who are currently contending with any form of disability, the compromise need not be a difficult transition.

At Mar Vista Hospice, a hospice care in Burbank, California, we design plans to help you go through this new change in your family’s life as easy as possible. With our exceptionally trained licensed professionals, every different stage with your loved one becomes effortless with the supervision of our team.

Our physicians provide:

  • Planned Home Visits
  • Health Condition Assessment
  • Disease Awareness for the patient and family
  • Medicine Prescription
  • Pain Regulation

Mar Vista Hospice offers palliative care in California, where we make certain our patients pace through the changes with the least impact.

We understand the challenges that come with these moments and that they may not be as quickly accepted by all family members. We offer counseling to ease the way through this chapter in your family’s life and alleviate any struggle one should not face alone. Families need to know that with proper medical intervention, these phases are easier to transition into with better knowledge and help.

As a privately owned hospice in Burbank, our expertise in hospice care over the years, together with our team of professionals, has earned us an accreditation from the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Health Organizations.

Our improved service area coverage welcomes more families to be better aided with our care.

Our professionals are licensed to perform hospice care in Los Angeles, Orange County, Ventura County, Riverside, and the Valley. To know more areas we serve, connect with us online!

Give a friend or family a better option for their beloved elderly with your referral!

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