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Life Hack: Caring for People with Dementia

Life Hack: Caring for People with Dementia

Having dementia involves a lot of challenges. Getting proper nutrition and maintaining good personal hygiene are just some of the many problems faced by people with dementia. Because of this, patients who are diagnosed with this mental illness need assistance and caregiving with their day-to-day activities. Being the trusted provider of Palliative care in California, we would like to share with you a few tips and advice when providing care for individuals with dementia:

  • Be responsible

    Make it certain that their environment is safe for them to roam around. Kitchen, bathroom, and garage are the rooms you need to pay special attention to. Is the garage free from sharp objects? Is the shower set at the right temperature level? Or is the kitchen appliance installed with an automatic shut-off feature? You have to take a look at those things and avoid safety hazards. Protect them by taking the necessary precautions.

  • Be patient

    Some people with dementia refuses to take a bath because they do not remember what bathing is for. When you encounter this kind of situation, make sure to stay patient. Never shout at them nor use physical force. If they become disruptive, stand back and wait for them to calm down. When they are already calm, explain to them what will happen and give them choices. Also, it is highly suggested that you let the person do the bathing as much as possible. Just be prepared to lend a hand when needed.

  • Be considerate

    Over time, the communication skills of a person with dementia will gradually decrease. This is why delivering and comprehending messages can be very difficult for them. So, you have to be considerate with your phrases. When talking with them, you need to use simple words and short sentences. To make communication easier, make sure to talk in a quiet place with no distraction and level yourself where the person can see you. When you speak, never raise your voice, rather communicate in a calm and clear manner. Also, give them much time to respond before you even go to the next question or statement.

As the premier provider of hospice care in Burbank, California, we hope we were able to help you through our tips mentioned above. If you have suggestions or queries about hospice care, please feel free to reach out or drop by at our office anytime.

Since our founding years, it has always been our goal to give the best care possible to people suffering from a serious illness. This is why we make sure to provide them with professional care to help relieve their discomfort and struggle in their daily living. To learn more about Mar Vista Hospice and our services, you can visit our official website or give us a call at your most convenient time. Our team will be more than glad to answer any of your queries today!

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