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Common Problems in Hospice Care and How to Address Them

Common Problems in Hospice Care and How to Address Them

If you are a family caregiver of a terminally-ill loved one, we understand how challenging and draining your situation is. As a reliable provider of palliative and hospice care in Burbank, California, we aim to help you make the load easier through our services. We also provide you with these tips to help you in taking care of your loved one:

  • Preventing and treating bedsores.

    For terminally-ill and bedridden patients, bedsores are a common problem. You can prevent these sores from forming by assisting your loved one in shifting their lying position from side to side. For treating bedsores, if the skin is not yet broken, you can just gently wash it with mild soap and water. However, if the skin is already broken, use a saline solution to clean the sore.

  • Easing breathing problems.

    Breathing problems are commonly experienced at the end of life. These may be eased by raising the head of the bed, opening the windows, or using a humidifier. Also, when you have visitors, advise them not to crowd near the patient.

  • Relieving pain.

    Pain medication needs to be administered by medical professionals. Our hospice in Burbank can provide nursing care and physician services for your sick loved one to ensure they receive the proper pain medication.

However, if you feel like you are unable to take care of your terminally ill loved one on your own, Mar Vista Hospice is here to be of assistance. You can be at peace knowing that your family member is in good hands through our hospice and palliative care in California.

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